How do we become aware of our bodies? New VR experiment

In this research project, we are interested in how people experience their own bodies, and what processes in the brain that relay the feeling of body-ownership. New knowledge in this area would not only be of great scientific value, but could also help us better understand different neurological and psychiatric diseases with disrupted bodily awareness. We are therefore looking for participants for an experiment in our perception-lab at Karolinska Instituet in Solna.

We are looking for healthy participants not using any psychiatric or neurological medication, and with normal or corrected vision (contact lenses).

During the experiment, you will be wearing a virtual reality (VR) headset and perform some simple perceptual tasks. The experiment, together with the visit to the lab, takes about one hour. As compensation for your participantion, you will receive a free cinema ticket.


Experiment leader:
Dennis Larsson

Project administrator:
Arvid Guterstam, MD PhD

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